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IT Tips and Tricks

Here at Ctrl Networks, we want to make your IT life a little easier. On this page you will find all of our best IT tips and tricks to help you out. From free software to keyboard short cuts; we’ll cover it all. Drop us a like on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to receive these IT tips and tricks daily! Alternatively, sign up to our newsletter to get email notifications daily!

<- WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp has recently became available on PC which has made communicating a whole lot quicker and easier! Find out more >
whatsapp on pc
Virtual Sticky Notes

Virtual Sticky Notes ->

Sick of filling your office bin with sticky notes? You can fill your monitor with virtual sticky notes! Find out more >

<- Accidentally Closed Tabs

Accidentally closed a web browser tab and needed it? Don’t fret. Here at Ctrl Networks, we can help you get it back with just a few buttons! Find out more >
it tips and tricks closed tabs
IT tips and tricks free antivirus

Free Antivirus ->

Don’t let a virus take down your business. Antivirus doesn’t have to be pricey. Find out what we suggest here at Ctrl Networks to protect yourself from the world wide web! Find out more >